The Schwantz

Pizza Burger (Calzone Style). Burger in a pizza. It's the best of both.


Beef, Cheddar, Caramalized Onions - R70

Pulled BBQ Pork & Mozarella & Caramalized Onions - R90


The Rossi

One Meter Pizza with two choices R150


Choose 1 - Chicken, Bacon & BBQ Pork

Choose 2 - Pineapple, Coriander, Feta, Mushrooms, Rocket & Olives


The Binder

2 x Double cheese filled patties, slice of cheese, pickles, tomato, greens, MOTO MOTO sause and topped with crispy onions.R110

The Senna

MOTO MOTO style prego.

  • Rump R95
  • Fillet R115
  • Chicken R65